Average isn't good enough? You want excellence, market intelligence, best practices, proven solutions, perfect execution-success?

Leading companies work with leading consultants. Do you?


The world needs people who have vision and are ready to venture into new territory. People who don't just follow the transformation process but shape it actively. People who have the foresight and sensibility to understand the vast importance of knowledge as a resource, and apply it at once with determination and self-assurance.

AIS Management is committed to being a strong contributor to the evolution of the market.


As a pioneering enterprise, we set standards for the real-estate sector by:

.... facing the challenge of IT
.... seizing opportunities for our clients
.... establishing professional, best-of-class solutions and standards
.... making your work easier, faster and more efficient
.... strengthening your competitiveness and profitability
.... boosting the success of your real estate assets and
.... securing excellence in real estate.


Our Strengths

  • Broad experience in asset, property, facility and corporate real estate management
  • Comprehensive know-how in e-tools, e-procurement and e-collaboration
  • Profound understanding of market structures and requirements, in particular the needs of real estate owners and trustees
  • Professional management, highly qualified expert teams and an uncompromising commitment to delivering high-quality solutions to our clients and securing their long-term success

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