Do you need competent advice and resources for your real-estate business? And do you need excellence rather than average quality?

Do you want market intelligence, best practices, proven solutions, execution - success?


By applying our highly specialized expertise and benchmarks we address complex challenges along the entire real estate lifecycle. Our focus is on construction, building maintenance, CREM, asset management, property and facility management and purchasing.


  • Shared Services Solutions
  • Target Processes und Organization
  • Operator Concepts
  • Site Management Analysis, Evaluation and Realignment
  • Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators
  • Audits and Quality Assurance Schemes
  • Optimized Outsourcing & Supply Chain Management
  • Project Management for Purchasing, Property and Facility Management
  • Efficient Use of Available Space
  • Benchmarking
  • Selecting & Implementing Tools & E-Solutions
  • Integrating Facility Management into Planning & Construction
  • Structuring Information Spaces
  • Building Digital Project & Property Files


Dr. Tobias Wagner



"Benchmark: nothing less than perfection"

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