Building ecology

Because building ecology is important

Why Building ecology?

Shaping the future of climate together

Ecology in construction and in the choice of materials – more than just empty words! How buildings interact with the environment is now more important than ever. In the midst of climate change and resource scarcity, we are looking for smart solutions in the construction and property sector.

Ecological building is not only good for the environment, but also for the residents. A healthy indoor climate and top air quality increase well-being and can even boost health in the long term. Find out here why smart building ecology is a win-win situation!

Why choose AIS?

Your partner for innovative and forward-looking solutions

Sustainability is part of our DNA. At AIS, we are fully committed to ecological construction methods. We want to go innovative ways together with you. For us and for future generations.

Our goal: to develop forward-looking solutions that are customised to your individual needs. By working closely with our customers, we not only minimise risks, but also constantly gain experience, which we are happy to pass on to you.

Concentrated Expert Knowledge!

Our services in the field of
building ecology

From stocktaking to realisation. We accompany you through every construction project. Our experts ensure a thorough analysis, identify risks and implement customised protective measures.

Together, we will find customised solutions for your project. Discover how we can take your construction projects to the next level, from planning to successful implementation!

We advise you on environmental impact and resource efficiency during construction and focus on the use of circular materials. Health, certifications, cost-benefit analyses and, above all, life cycle assessments are essential.

We develop sustainability guidelines for you with a focus on carbon management, advise you on re-use and recycling concepts and show you how to optimise your use of natural resources.

We are passionate about energy efficiency and climate protection. We set new standards with innovative approaches such as intelligent building control and energy-efficient systems.

From collecting data on your energy consumption and CO2 emissions to quantified analyses of the environmental impact – this is all part of our service. Together with you, we want to actively contribute to environmental protection and provide you with recommendations for sustainable improvements to your environmental performance.